Wednesday, December 15, 2010

mangsa buli cik moshi ~

cik moshi neyh sejak ble ntah ske buli org
sebagai mangsa keadaan meh kita perbetulkan keadaan
hehe :P
1. 3 names in your inbox cellphone
rmai kot nk kne jwb ke??
-budak adib

2. your main ringtone
-girlfriend by avril lavigne

3. what you did at 12 last night
-lyn novel haha

4. who was the last person U went out with? where?
-my mom..went to NAGOYA
*ada sale haha

5. the color of T-shirt u wearing now

6. the last thing you did
-wangikan bdn ;)

7. 3 of your everyday favourite items
-peti ais

8. the colour of your bedroom
-blue (xsempat nk boh pink hihi)

9. how much money in your wallet now
-ntah la duit syiling je byk xlrat nk kira

10. your favourite song
-ntah la sume y telinga aku suke sume aku suke :)

11. what will you do next weekend
-jln2 kt JB kot

12. when was the last time you saw your mom
-tyme type bnd alah ni...bru je lalu

13. where is she now
-in her bedroom

14. when was the last time you talked to your parents
-klo mama bru je jp td
klo abah isnin lps sbb skrg dye xde kt umh

15. who is the last person that texted u
-emm budak adib ;p

16. where did u have dinner last night
-at the dining room??

17. the last surprise u got
-ada ke surprise??haha

18. last thing u borrowed from your friend
-REMAJA bln 12 n novel
*thanx ipa :)

19. who is ur BF/GF or husband/wife
-biarlah rahsia..heheh

20. what do you feel now
-rse nk pengsan tgu soalan abes

21. wanna share with who
-ngan cik moshi sbb tag sy haha

22. who knows ur secret
-myb ada

23. they keep ur secret?
-insyaALLAH bley harap :)

24. are you angry with someone
-myb haha

25. what do you order at mcD
-of coz my double cheez burger

26. the last time you feel so sad
-ntah la xingat hoho

27. what is your wish for tomorrow
-hope my journey 2 kl ok n will b fine :)

28. who will you tag next
cik dyan :P

at last~!!

haha penat aih tgu soklan abes
hrp berpuas ati ye cik moshi haha